Why the 2022 NBA Draft will have 58 picks total instead of its usual 60

If you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice that something is different about this year’s draft.

Not “different” in the good way that kids claim superior figures are built. But “different” in its traditional meaning.

This 2022 draft will only have 58 player selections, which would be the first time since the 2004 draft that 60 picks won’t be made.

But why? Tampering is why.

Just as the Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited their first-round pick in 2004 for their illegal contract setup with Joe Smith (a thorough breakdown of that is here), wrongdoings have caused the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat to lose out on their 2022 second-round picks.

For the Bucks, those wrongdoings included being in contact with Bodgan Bogdanovic during the 2020 offseason before being legally allowed to do so. And the Heat had illegally negotiated with Kyle Lowry in the same way.

So, in the end — one less pick for both teams this year.

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