NBA Draft 2022: Why the Heat forfeited their second-round pick due to tampering rules violation

Winning is hard to do in the NBA (unless you’re the Golden State Warriors, apparently).

In order to do so, you’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes as an organization. That includes potentially sacrificing the future for the present — exactly what the Miami Heat unintentionally ended up doing when completing a sign-and-trade for Kyle Lowry during the 2021 offseason.

In the Heat’s pursuit of the veteran guard Lowry, it was learned they’d negotiated with him before that legally allowed to do so, thus resulting in tampering violations.

For its infractions, Miami will forfeit its second-round pick in Thursday’s 2022 NBA Draft.

The worst part about this whole thing is that Lowry was banged up during Miami’s playoff run and didn’t end up providing much when it mattered most.

Tough break.

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