5 best Lost Ark Dawn Collection Armor Skins

Lost Ark’s May update added lots of fun new raids, challenges, and even a new class, but one of the most anticipated additions is something new on the in-game store. The Dawn Collection is a set of skins for both the weapons and armor of each class. These skins are very beautiful, with the light versions mixing white, gold, and red to fantastic effect, while the dark versions use black, silver, and red for a more fearsome look.

Each skin costs 25,800 crystals or 900 royal crystals, so you may only have the budget for one or two. If you’re someone who only plays a specific class then that’s no worry, but if you like to mix things up, then you need to know what’s worth spending your currency on, so we’ve put together this ranking of the very best Dawn Collection skins to help you out.


A warrior coated from head to toe in armor that is as beautiful as it is impractical. When wearing this armor, the Gunlancer feels like the most elite royal guard. In the light version, gold and purple don an accomplished warrior who values loyalty above all else and has seen countless battles. Meanwhile, the dark version is a ruthless slayer, his back armor gets colored only by the blood of his enemies.


A powerful class that deals all the damage all the time, the Scrapper’s Dawn Collection skins sit in a unique position among the rest of the classes. While it does still technically have a light and dark version, the dark is predominantly white, invoking the imagery of Assassin’s Creed, but far more anime. Both of them look great, though, the light version is bright and in your face with red and gold glinting off any light source.


Since the magic classes don’t have to worry about strong armor, their outfits tend to be a lot more stylish than the rest. Case in point, the Summoner with their flowing dress and spiky shoulder pads that surely must be a pain to run around wearing. Much like the rest of them, the light version really pops, balancing the red and white on the fabric, while using gold to highlight the most elaborate parts. The dark version contrasts the black with pink inside the cape to help the outfit retain a bit of personality.


Bards are a somewhat limited class designed to hang back from the action and make sure everyone else is fighting at their best, so they may as well look the part while they’re at it. The Bard’s dark skin is really cool, using red and black in equal measure, making them seem more like a rock star than a humble travelling musician. Naturally, the light version is the exact opposite with a dress as white as white can be, highlighted in shining gold.


The Sharpshooter looks exceedingly cool at the best times, but the recent Lost Ark update and the Dawn Collection manages to take it a step further. Its light outfit is one of the ones to use blue, but it’s the perfect pairing with the gold bow and armor. That said, a Sharpshooter should really be blending into the shadows, which is where the dark outfit comes in. The bow is blood red with black highlights, making it feel like the weapon of an emotionless yet effective killer.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.

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