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I thought I’d met my future husband online and was ready to have his kids – turns out I was being catfished

A WOMAN was left heartbroken after speaking to her dream man online and thinking she’d met the one - only for it turning out to be her gay best friend.

Leanne, 33, from Beckenham, appeared on MTV’s Catfish UK and shared how she fell head over heels for PT Jamie, 27, from Manchester, to then find out he had catfished her.

Leanne appeared on MTVs Catfish UK and revealed how she had fallen for PT Jamie via online datingCredit: MTV
Leanne enlisted the help of hosts Oobah and Nella to track Jamie downCredit: MTV
Turns out 'Jamie' was not who he said he wasCredit: MTV

The pair met online and had been speaking for four months, but, just like Ray who had been catfished by his ex-girlfriend, had never met up in person or spoken on the phone. 

Nursing associate Leanne enlisted the help of hosts Nella Rose and Oobah Butler to track down Jamie so they could finally meet. 

She explained on the show: “I’m getting in touch as I’ve met the most amazing guy online Jamie who I am literally mad about.

“He’s totally different to any guy I’ve been with, and usually I go for bad boys who are a waste of time but Jamie is super sweet and actually has his life together.

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“We’ve not been able to meet yet because we are both super busy.

“I want your help to bring us together because I’m ready to settle down and I think Jamie could be the one.”

She added: “I feel like he could be my husband but twice he has cancelled on me.”

The team decided to book a PT session with Jamie so they could meet up, but the email in his Instagram bio bounced back.

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The team looked through his pictures and realised that “Jamie” had taken the photos from Sudbury footballer Dion-Curtis Henry and wasn’t who they said they were.

Leanne broke down in tears when they broke the news to her that Jamie wasn’t who he said he was. 

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She told the hosts: “I just honestly don’t know who would do this. 

“It’s just nasty. I thought this was going to be my turn. We spoke about having kids.”

Nella and Oobah persuaded “Jamie” to meet them so they could reveal their identity once and for all.

When Leanne saw her gay best friend George walking across the field, she was completely shocked, and said: “Wait, what the f***?

“George, one of my best friends.

“I’m in shock, he’s one of the last people I thought this could be, because he’s one of the closest to me.”

When asked why he catfished Leanne for months, George explained to her: “All you ever think about is yourself. 

“I needed to do it Leanne for you to realise that you can’t stitch up your friends all the time for all these men.

“I’ve lost count of all the times you’ve dropped me for a bloke.

“There was no other way for you to realise.”

Upset Leanne said: “You know I wanted a family, you fed me all that s***.”

George continued: “I wanted to prove to you that all these little false hopes aren’t real. 

“I’ve never even spoken on the phone, never even met and you were having these conversations as if you were in love with him.”

Leanne replied: “And you think this is the way to teach me a lesson?”

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A shocked Nella told George: “I don’t think you realise the depths of deception you’ve been to.”

After the immediate shock was over, the pair decided to try to work through their issues.

Catfish UK airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on MTV.

Alternatively if you would like to point to catch up on Leanne’s episode, it’s available now on MTV Play.