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I’m a mum-of-three & sold everything to live in a caravan – we have no toilet but I still earn £120K a year

A MUM-OF-THREE has revealed how she moved into a caravan to live on the Yorkshire Dales.

Diana Hamill Page, 50, from York, lived in a caravan surviving off £60 a week but now earns £120,000.

Diana now makes £120,000 teaching others how to survive an apocalypseCredit: Natasha Holland Photography
The single mum and her three children survived on just £60 a week, foraging for food in the Yorkshire DalesCredit: PA Real Life

The single mum raised her children Maya, 23, Noah, 21, and Matthias, 18, in a caravan for five years.

In 2005, she moved the family into a caravan on a farm on the Yorkshire Dales where they lived without central heating and no toilet.

The mum sold off the family's belongings to move into the caravan.

She said: "The house was full of many things we didn't need.



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"Everything we own should have at least two functions."

The family shared a bed to keep warm during the winter months and showered once a week when they visited their grandad's house.

While living off-grid the mum taught herself and her children to forage, preserve food and even how to shoot a gun so they'd be equipped in case of the apocalypse. 

Diana says her survival instinct kicked in after becoming a mother.

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She said: "I wanted to future proof my kids. I needed to learn the skills we'd need in a power down situation, so I could save them.

"I feel like I needed to parent my children in way where they could contribute to our society. I think self-reliance and forming resilient communities needs resilient individuals."

Now, her skills are so sought after she runs courses on how to forage, charging between £18 and £160 for courses at the Wild Harvest School she set up in 2006.

The company has made Diana over £120,000, where she teaches people to become fully self-reliant by finding their own food, and making their own toiletry products.

Dianna said her passion for prepping was born out o the love for her children, who she wanted to live in nature for the children's happiness and teach them how to survive.

The mum recalled: 'It was really quite incredible, because each day we would be out foraging, we'd go to the river and explore nature. I just wanted to make sure my children had all the tools they needed to survive.

'We got air rifles mainly for self defence, as if anything happened, I was just a single mum with three kids. I needed a way to protect my children. I put them through boxing and they've learned how to shoot.'

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When her daughter Maya went to secondary school, the mum compromised on modernising their life by getting a TV so her daughter would still fit in.

After moving back into a house in 2010, the mum vows to go off-grid again soon and has set her heart on France.

Inside the caravan which had no hot water or toiletCredit: PA Real Life
Maya, Noah and Matthias, were taught how to prepare for an apocalypseCredit: PA Real Life
Dianan now teaches others how to become sef-suficient by foraging and making their own natural productsCredit: Natasha Holland Photography