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I’m an estate agent – these are the 7 classic mistakes that shave thousands off the value of your home

WE all want our house to feel like home, but did you know there are certain things you could be doing that knock thousands off its value?

From your pets to scuffs on the walls and even that broken garden gate you've been meaning to fix - even the smallest details can be detrimental to your property price.

We all want to impress guests - and buyers - with our propertyCredit: Alamy

Thankfully, most of the mistakes we make aren't expensive to fix.

Here online lettings agent Mashroom's Adam Male shares the seven classic faux pas that can devalue your property.

Kerb appeal

We all know it's what is on the inside that counts, but sadly this doesn't apply to homes - and when it comes to selling, first impressions really matter.

A poorly kept garden, damaged drive way, poor lighting or even just a broken gate can have a detrimental impact on the value of your home.



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Ensuring your property looks good on the outside is a starting point.

Adam says before a viewing, always cut your grass, fix any broken lights and, if possible, give the outside of your home a lick of paint.

Clutter and hoarding 

Clutter and hoarding can reduce the value of your property when you come to sell.

A poorly kept garden will instantly put people off, even before they've stepped through the front doorCredit: Getty

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When potential buyers view a property, they often picture themselves living there - and that's hard to do when it's full of your stuff!

Adam says: "Clutter and general untidiness has the potential to make rooms look a lot smaller than they actually are, as well giving the appearance of an un-cared for and unhygienic home.

"It’s worth remembering that prospective buyers want to envisage themselves living in the home and see the potential it has to offer them.

"An untidy home could be enough to put people off buying or making a lower offer than the asking price."

Clearing out unnecessary items and furniture will also make things easier when you eventually come to move.

Clutter and mess is a huge no-no when selling a propertyCredit: Getty

Pet peeves

We all love our pets to pieces, and for this reason we tend to overlook their flaws.

However, a prospective buyer won't, and even the smell is enough to put someone off.

If you have a pet, try to air your home before you come to sell, and limit animals to one room - ideally the one that has the least soft furnishings.

Adam also recommends avoiding cooking anything that could have a strong residual smell before a viewing - and don't smoke inside either!

Dated decor

While intentionally retro decor has made a comeback, an outdated property can be a real issue, according to Adam.

The biggest issue would be if your bathroom or kitchen requires an upgrade.

Adam says: "A bathroom is a room that can undergo a lot of hard use and can easily be one of the oldest looking rooms in your property.

"Basic white bath and shower trays can be picked up for as little as £120 and can work wonders with transforming the look of your bathroom, without spending a fortune. 

"If any of your tiles are cracked or causing a leak, get them replaced and make sure the grout is clean too, removing any black mould or unsightly stains.

"A kitchen is often one of the most important rooms in the house and can be the selling point of many properties.

"Improvements can be made to refresh a kitchen, without having to completely refit a new one. For homeowners looking to spend less, consider painting or respraying the kitchen doors yourself, making sure that you choose a good quality paint.

"Making sure that flooring tiles and wood flooring are fitted correctly, with no gaps, is another low cost job that will add a quality feel to your kitchen."

There are simple tricks to update an old bathroom that don't cost the earthCredit: Alamy

Bold colours and whacky decor

When it comes to decorating, we all have different tastes, and that's what makes us unique.

However if you love the colour green and decide to paint everything green, it won't be to everyone's taste and can put people off.

Adam recommends sticking to a blank canvas of neutral colours that prospective buyers will feel they can change easily.

If you don't have time to give your home a makeover, make sure the walls are clean and scuff and chip-free.

Devil is in the detail

Additionally, while those small scuff marks on the wall, or chips in the kitchen counter are small, they can have a real impact.

Adamsays: "Small cosmetic details that need to be addressed can have a profound effect on the appearance of a home come re-sale time.

"Scuffs marks, cosmetic damage to walls, wood and paintwork can make the appearance of the home look shabby and unloved and could reduce the value of the property, or what people are willing to pay for it. 

"If there are any holes in walls, make sure these are filled in properly and painted over to a good standard."

Turn up the heat

Given the energy crisis, this one is particularly relevant at the moment.

Adam says: "An inefficient heating system will not only be having an effect on the cost of your energy bills right now, but it could have a negative impact on the value of your property in the long term.

"An energy efficient home is desirable as it will ultimately mean that the cost of gas and electricity bills will be reduced, but also likely that appliances are more reliable and reduce the need for expensive fixes and repairs."

Finally, it really does pay to be honest. Make sure the description of your home and its photos are accurate.

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Buyers will become frustrated if they make the effort to come and view your home, and feel they've been cat-fished.

As well as realistic photos, make sure your floorplan is up to date with the correct measurements.

An inaccurate and exaggerated description will only lead to disappointmentCredit: Alamy