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‘LeBron would never’ – Watch NBA legend Michael Jordan refuse to give kids autograph with fans divided over his reaction

MICHAEL JORDAN divided fans after turning down two teenagers' desperate calls for an autograph.

Jordan, 59, was spotted in Charlotte on Wednesday and went viral for his curt response to pleas for a signature.

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest NBA player everCredit: Getty
The former Bulls star was called out by two fans in a Charlotte parking lotCredit: Instagram @steve4pf/mic4pf
Fans were divided over whether the Charlotte Hornets owner should have signed them an autographCredit: Instagram @steve4pf/mic4pf
Jordan shouts over to the kids before getting in his carCredit: Instagram @steve4pf/mic4pf

According to the video, the pair were allegedly hoping for a glimpse of Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball.

But they got a huge shock as the man who walked through the parking lot wasn't the 20-year-old guard - but six-time NBA champion Jordan.

The former Bulls legend is owner of the Charlotte Hornets, who went 43-39 in the regular 2021 season.

Officially a billionaire, Jordan is one of just three sportsmen alongside LeBron James and Tiger Woods to reach the incredible milestone.

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And a large part of his mammoth net worth was his well-timed investment in the Hornets - then the Bobcats - in 2006.

The kids are heard saying: "We gonna see LaMelo Ball.

"That's not LaMelo... but it's Michael Jordan!"

The pair excitedly call over to MJ, who has an estimated net worth in 2022 of $2.1billion.

But Jordan - decked out in a trademark grey suit - didn't have time to chat and brushes away their pleas.

One kid shouts: "Michael Jordan! Can I get a pic?"

Jordan waves his arms for them to move back and his reply is muffled before getting in his car to leave.


One of the kids got in a cheeky reply, shouting: "Where Lamelo at?"

Fans were quick to reply to the viral footage, which racked up over 800,000 views.

Some were of the opinion that the ex-NBA star should stop for the kids, while others believed he wasn't being rude and was within his right to tell them to move on.

One wrote: "LeBron would never."

But another added: "I never understood this. I get asking them to put the phones down. But you walk over shake their hands, say what up. If there is a huge crowd, sure. But 2 kids?

While one NBA fan said: "He wasn't rude about it though, lol."

It is not clear from the footage if Jordan drove away or signed an autograph for the pair after the exchange.

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Former NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith took to Twitter to defend Jordan - and claimed the footage was actually filmed outside the legend's condo.

Smith said: "Folks are flaming Jordan but the man was leaving his crib. Could he have been a little nicer? Maybe, but folks need to respect boundaries.

"This was at his condo for those who think they know everything.

"The kids weren’t wrong for being excited about seeing their hero.

"They just need to know waiting out front of someone’s house isn’t appropriate."

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It's not the first time the ultra-competitive Jordan has been accused of snubbing the younger generation.

In 2016, he went viral after denying kids the chance to win some free shoes at a Chris Paul camp.

Paul told MJ if he missed three shots in a shootaround, then the whole class would land some free sneakers.

Jordan went on to make all of his shots, missing none, to disappointed groans from the watching kids.