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ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU stars Dick and Angel Strawbridge confessed they love playing matchmaker with their members of staff.

The Channel 4 docuseries is famed for its French renovations and home decor.

Dick and Angel revealed how they love to play cupidCredit: Channel 4

However, the chateau also appears to be a great way to find love.

The couple revealed how well they bond with their staff and witness budding romances.

In a video on their website Chateau tv, Dick said: "There is nobody from the UK around us here in this part, slightly further north there are more people, and we were looking for expertise in our first year."

Angel added: "There is a lovely lady called Val, and she actually sorts out a lot of our bits, and she connects people, doesn't she?

"So she sort of sent Jay our way in the early days, and he was part-time, we paid him what we could afford and [had him] doing a little bit of everything, collecting wood and what have you.

"And then Jay had a friend who was called Tina, they were just friends at the time, and he sort of said 'she loves a bit of everything, she does a bit of everything.

"Then she came, so we do say that Tina was one of our first members of the team, Tina is still here today."

Dick continued: "Tina is still here, and it is interesting because things change, and Tina has her own big projects, she has got this little camper, and she still comes to work with us."

Angel revealed: "This is the lovely part, Tina and Jay are actually together now, they fell in love at the chateau.

"We called it a bit of a love story, but you know her and Jay have a campsite they go to in the summer, and she comes here during the week and more when we have got weddings."

"If we ever have an event on at all, I don't think she would ever want to miss it," Dick praised.

"Because she loves being part of that, but Tina has been there from the beginning."

Angel concluded: "Anyone who has been to the chateau would have been charmed by Tina."

The 8th season of the series ended in December 2021Credit: Channel 4