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My boyfriend hosted a pub quiz NAKED without telling me – he’d be livid if I did the same, rages 90 Day Fiancé UK star

90 DAY Fiancé UK took another dramatic turn this week after one star stripped naked to host a pub quiz, much to his partner's horror.

The series follows eight loved-up Brits and their long-distance lovers for 90 days as they test their relationships.

Richard hosted a pub quiz nakedCredit: Discovery
Richard's antics have got him in the dog house with Filipina girlfriend Kathleen

The latest instalment of the brand new reality TV show saw Kathleen from The Philippines scold her British boyfriend, Richard, after he hosted a pub quiz completely naked without her permission.

With 7000 miles between them, trust issues from previous infidelity, and wider doubts about the relationship - Kathleen and Richard are on thin ice.

In this week’s brand-new episode of 90 Day Fiance UK, Richard feels Kathleen’s wrath after hosting a pub quiz completely naked, without consulting her beforehand.

As the director of his own pub quiz company, Richard considers himself a born entertainer, and he insisted that his services were required to host a very special and unusual event.

He shared: “Today, I’ve got a special event at work. I’m a little bit nervous. It’s something that I’ve never, ever done before.

"I am going to host a quiz and experience naturism. Everybody today is turning up in their birthday suits!”

True to form, Richard slips off his clothes, picks up his microphone and joins a room full of people – all of whom have their kit off!

“Hold on a second, let me find my little dongle,” Richard opened with, cracking a joke while he set up his equipment.

Despite feeling a little apprehensive, Richard couldn't hide his excitement. “Today is the first day I am getting paid to be nude – rocking out with my c**k out!”

After hosting commando, Richard admits that he's pleased with how the evening went.

He shared: “I’d rate my body probably a five or six out of 10. I’d rate my hosting performance probably nine out of 10. I think I did a great job at hosting!”

However, there is one thing in the back of his mind - Kathleen, and her potential jealousy.

After going behind her back and hosting the quiz, Richard admits he’s unsure how she’ll react when she finds out. “I’m not sure if I’m going to tell Kathleen that I’ve done this, because she has a problem with jealousy,” he said.

“But it wasn’t that bad, I went in and I hosted a quiz, people had a great time, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the booking again next year, so everyone’s a winner.”

After contemplating the decision, Richard decides to bite the bullet and give Kathleen a call.

“Ultimately, I have to tell Kathleen about what I did last night, and I’m sure it’s going to be okay. It’s just a job, it’s a gig,” he says nervously.

Richard finally confesses to Kathleen on a Facetime call. Admitting what he's done, he says: “I did a quiz last night, and broke a record as well.

“So, I now have the title of the number one quiz master for British nudism. My entire audience was completely naked… I got naked.”

A shocked Kathleen pauses awkwardly before slamming Richard for getting naked in front of complete strangers.

Scolding Richard, she says: “Oh my God, Richard, I’m not happy with what you did - having a relationship with me, I should be the only one who gets tosee yours, no other people or anyone.”

Sheepishly, Richard tried to explain to Kathleen that it was what was required for the job.

“It was just a job, baby,” he says. “I’m naturally a performer, so within performance certain boundaries are kind of missed.”

But a disappointed Kathleen isn't having any of it and she continues to rip into Richard, adding: “Are you happy if I was to show my private parts to anyone? If I was to be naked in front of other people just to make money?”

Richard struggles to disagree with his girlfriend, saying: “Probably not, no… I’m sorry,”

He then tries to rescue the situation by telling Kathleen next time he has a job like this, he will ask for Kathleen's permission first.

A blunt Kathleen show' Richard she is not a doormat by laying down the law, and signing off: There will not be a next time. That will be the last."

Realising he's now in the dog house, an embarrassed Richard says: "Kathleen is really annoyed with me. I understand it and we need to work on it in the future that I’m more open and communicative before I take on stuff like this, which is a little bit crazy.”

This comes in the lead up to Kathleen's relocation to the UK to join Richard in the north of England.

The brand-new series of 90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+, with new episodes dropping every Sunday

Kathleen scolded Richard over Facetime for getting his kit offCredit: Discovery
After already having trust issues Kathleen was ragingCredit: Discovery

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