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THE Chase host Bradley Walsh was left VERY shocked after contestant unveiled that they had been retired for 20 years.

David appeared on ITV the quiz show on Monday alongside Darren, Mayanka and Kate.

David reveals he retired at 50Credit: ITV
Bradley was gobsmacked to hear that he had been retired for two decadesCredit: ITV

When Bradley asked David what he did for a living, he replied: "Nothing! I've been retired for 20 years."

Bradley was left open-mouthed when David told him he had retired at 50.

He claimed he "doesn't look" like he's old enough to have retired so long ago.

Taking to Twitter, viewers expressed their disbelief as one said: "Wow, he's been dossing around for 20 years. I wouldn't mind retiring at 50."

Another wrote: "Where does he get his money from to do all that travelling if he's been retired 20 years?"

A third penned: "Did David say what he did 20 years ago? I’m thinking policeman."

The chase was over quickly for David.

Together Darren, Mayanka and Kate reached the final chase with £60,000 between them.

But when it was Kate's turn, Bradley called out a contestant for her poor guessing strategy.

The receptionist was unsure of the answer to a question about famed American author L. Frank Baum and had to make a guess.

However, she explained the guessing strategy afterward and Bradley was thoroughly unimpressed.

Kate’s question was: “What was the birthstone of L. Frank Baum, the creator of the ‘Oz’ books?”

As usual, the contestant was given three choices. The answer was either A: Emerald, B: Garnet or C: Ruby. 

Although Emerald may have seemed like the obvious choice based on the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz, Kate chose C: Ruby. 

She explained her choice, saying: “It was between Emerald and Ruby, you’ve got the Emerald City and the Ruby Slippers. 

“And I’ve already two ‘A’s, so I went for ‘C’,” she added.

However, Bradley quickly revealed the answer was actually Emerald, which proved Kate’s guessing strategy was way off.  

“Please don’t base your answers on ‘I haven’t had A for a while, so I’ve gotta go B’,” Bradley urged.

Kate looked embarrassed about her strategy, but the pair laughed it off. 

“It got me through some exams,” she admitted.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

Bradley Walsh called out a contestant for her poor guessing strategyCredit: ITV
Kate, Mayanka and Darren competed for £60,000 on The ChaseCredit: ITV

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