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TIPPING POINT fans were left baffled over a contestants name after a rare spelling was exposed on the show.

Viewers of the ITV gameshow were confused during the latest episode of Tipping Point after they took to Twitter to talk about one contestants rather peculiar spelling of their name.

The spelling was rather unusual and stunned viewers of the showCredit: ITV
Viewers were baffled at the spelling of Shannyn's nameCredit: ITV

Fans of the popular ITV gameshow were stunned after they saw the spelling of one contestants name and took to twitter to share their opinions.

Fan’s tuned into the show, as Ben Shephard welcomed four new contestants up to the podium.

As the contestants introduced themselves to the camera, the camera showed their name tags.

It came as a shock to viewers when the camera revealed one contestants name, "Shannon" spelled as "Shannyn"

Fans were left confused by this particular spelling and turned to social media to discuss it.

With one viewer saying: “When someone called 'Shannyn' beats you in a quiz... you need to have a serious word with yourself.”

Another joked: “how many times already has Shannyn had to spell her name out to people... only another 50 years of doing that.”

While one viewer said: “"Shannyn's parents can't spell,

Sadly, Shannyn got a question wrong about her “favourite” movie franchise.

Ben asked her a question about the movie franchise Avengers, and Shannyn quickly buzzed in and answered “Marvel” instead of the name of the superheroes.

After realising it was wrong, Shannyn looked frustrated and told Ben that she was disappointed because Avengers is one of her favourite movies.

Unfortunately, Shannyn went on to answer more questions wrong on the show, and viewers were not impressed with her knowledge skills.

With one user saying: "Tipping Point finalist Shannyn doesn't know Marvel from Avengers. Butter from Cheese. £20 from £50; or her Eurovision, and thinks Hippology is the study of Hippo's. "

Adding: "That Vegemite is a French cooking pot and is muddled between Scottish 'cities' and 'countries, and Tangiers is in Algeria."

Another added: "Does Shannyn actually have a brain? Does she know anything?"

Despite Shannyn not performing strongly, she did end up walking away £1950.

Ben Shephard asked the contestant a question about the the movie franchise AvengersCredit: ITV
Shannyn didn't perform too well on the show and viewers slammed her knowledge skillsCredit: ITV

Tipping Point airs on ITV on weekdays at 4pm.