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Big Brother winner Isabelle unrecognisable as she jokes about her inflated lips

BIG Brother winner Isabelle Warburton has made a joke about having "pregnant lips" after transforming her appearance.

Isabelle, 26, won the 2017 series of Big Brother and has since gone on to alter her looks with cosmetic procedures.

Isabelle Warburton won the 2017 series of Big BrotherCredit: Channel 5
The former reality star is now unrecognisable thanks to her 'pregnant lips'Credit: Isabelle Warburton/Instagram

In a recent chat with a fan online, the blonde reality star was told her that her lips "look pregnant".

Taking it with good humour, Isabelle admitted that the comment "made me chuckle".

She added: "They’re expecting twins.”

Isabelle, from Warrington in Cheshire, was then congratulated for her reply, with another follower telling her: "That’s funny! I'm glad you can laugh at it, so long as your happy!"

Then unemployed, Isabelle was 21 when she took part in series 18 of Big Brother, which aired in the summer of 2017.

She was a late entry, surprising her fellow housemates in Week 3 of the reality TV competition.

The pretty blonde's perma-tan and blonde extensions made her stand out, but she was keen to set the record straight from the offset.

She said: "I might have fake eyelashes and bleached hair but I’m actually not a b****."

When asked if she had "thick skin", Isabelle replied: "Yes, thick...and very tanned skin."

Isabelle even confessed to housemates that she was a "tan-orexic", explaining that she used kitchen scouring sponges to exfoliate before slapping on fake tan.

"I've got loads of scratches everywhere," she admitted. "I stared using tan in Year 10, but it only got quite obsessive in the last year.

"I used to just do it on my face, with my make up and on nights out, but now it's every day."

When asked "why every day", Isabelle replied: "I don't know. I just feel better with it."

After winning Big Brother, Isabelle said she was going to use her £65,000 winnings to open a fake tanning business.

She now runs her own beauty salon in Warrington, where she offers procedures including fillers and Botox, as well as standard beauty treatments - including fake tans.

Isabelle also has two children with her partner Mike.

Isabelle told her Big Brother housemates she was a 'tan-orexic'Credit: Rex Features
She now runs her own beauty salonCredit: Isabelle Warburton/Instagram
Isabelle is also a mum of twoCredit: Isabelle Warburton / Instagram