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JILL Duggar has picked up plastic bags using just her feet in a new video after she was slammed for having a messy house.

The Counting On alum shared her hidden talent in a video on her Instagram Thursday.

Jill Duggar picks up plastic bags with her feet in a new videoCredit: Instagram/ jillmdillard
The Counting On alum asked fans to speak up if they pick up items with their feet tooCredit: Instagram/ jillmdillard

Backed by Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It, the recording shows Jill, 31, scooping up discarded grocery bags from the floor with her feet and toes.

Captioned, "Who else does this? I know I’m not alone! #handsfullnoproblem," the video cuts to Jill celebrating with the retrieved bags in hand as her two-month-old son Freddy is swaddled against her chest.

Fans answered the former TLC star in the comment section, with one person stating "Every day. I say I’m toe talented."

A second person commented: "Always do that. It’s efficient!"

Jill responded to the fan, writing "right?! So efficient!"

Another commenter added: "Yep!! My hubby thinks I am crazy picking things up like that."

While a fourth person wrote: "I pick up things with my feet, although I don’t have a baby in my arms."

Jill's methods of cleaning the floor may be strange but it at least shows initiative as the 19 Kids and Counting alum has come under fire for her messy house in the past.

The TV personality has been open and honest with fans about some of the struggles with keeping up with household chores, especially with two young kids.

In September 2021, she opened up with fans about staying on top of the laundry.

She shared a photo of her full laundry basket, revealing that her family was "living out of" it in the caption.

Jill wrote: "We are currently in a 'living out of the laundry basket' season...which actually kinda happens a lot around here.

"What's your struggle? Dishes? Laundry? Etc. How do you simplify? Share."


A year earlier, she showed off a similar photo, this time featuring her husband Derick Dillard and their sons, Israel, seven, and Samuel, four.

The trio posed in the living room of their home together, standing before the Christmas tree.

Fans were distracted by the laundry pile sitting next to them, which Jill seemed to address in her caption.

She wrote: "Even if the start to your Christmas looks like ours (see my stories for our crazy first 24 hrs of break)...or even harder...we hope you'll find peace in the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, the reason for the Christmas season!"

One fan commented: "I feel that laundry pile in my soul."

Fans haven't always been as on board with Jill's messes, however.

In 2018, she was criticized for leaving then-six-month-old Samuel on a dirty carpet.

She posted a photo on Instagram of her second son crawling on a shag rug.

Followers were quick to slam her decision to put him directly on the carpet, suggesting a blanket to avoid dirt.

"Don't you ever vacuum that carpet. It's filthy," one comment read.


Freddy, the newest addition to Jill and husband Derick's family, made another appearance when the reality star showed off in revealing black shorts while holding up her newborn for the world to see.

It's well known that the Duggar family has to follow strict rules and an extremely modest dress code.

The dress code does not permit women to wear pants, revealing clothing, or to show off their legs.

The rules stem from the family's conservative Christian practices.

Jill's recent photo of her in black shorts showing her legs on social media isn't something her father, Jim Bob, 55, would appreciate.

In the post, the mom-of-three is holding up her baby boy while in her shorts as she captioned it: "Yesterday, Frederick celebrated one month being on this side of the womb and he weighed in at 9lbs. 1oz..."

While the former TV star received good messages about her young son, she was also praised for her post-baby body.

"You look amazing!" one person wrote as another added, "You look so good!"

Jill Duggar with husband Derick Dillard and her two oldest boys Isreal and SamuelCredit: Instagram/Jill Duggar
Duggar fans grilled Jill for the mess of clothes on her floorCredit: Instagram/jillmdillard
Jill and Derick Dillard with their two oldest childrenCredit: Social Media - Refer to Source