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I’m a cleaning expert – how to get your whole home sparkling without using a single cleaning spray

CLEANING is a task that most of us tend to put off with whatever reasons we can think of.

Well, it's time to mark a lack of cleaning products off your list of excuses.

Instagram account Kitchen All shared DIY methods to cleaning your home without using any cleaning productsCredit: Instagram/@papabearhome
Coca-Cola can be used to scrub your toilet bowl clean, according to Kitchen AllCredit: Instagram/@papabearhome

Instagram account Kitchen All have introduced some cleaning hacks that don't require any cleaning products.

In their video, the Kitchen and Household Store shared six items you can use to DIY clean your home.

The first tutorial showed viewers how to use a refreshing bottle of Coca Cola to clean their toilet bowl.

After pouring the coke around the edges of your toilet bowl, let it sit for an hour before using a toilet brush to scrub it clean and flushing.

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The next hack displayed how to varnish stained and discolored wood with a jar of mayonnaise.

After smearing the condiment across the surface, let is sit for 10 minutes before wiping it off with a cloth.

To remove hard water stains and condensation from your shower doors, take a dryer sheet and wipe the surface clean.

Kitchen All also using a tennis ball to remove scuff marks from your walls.

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Simply take the ball and brush at the black marks on your painted surface and they will lift right off.

If you're tired of unsightly fingerprints and smears on your windows, spray them away using a tea-bag and cold water.

To wipe the window clean, use a scrap piece of newspaper "for a streak-free surface."

To clean stainless steel surfaces, such as the front of your oven, use baby oil and a cloth to wipe away any smudges.

Kitchen All recommend using a tennis ball to scrub scuff marks off your wallsCredit: Instagram/@papabearhome