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GOOD American professes to be all about embracing different body types.

So one woman with 28F boobs put Khloe Kardashian's swimwear designs to the test to see if they can really fit and flatter her figure.

Jennifer Warnes tried on Good American swimsuits to see how well they fit her 28F bustCredit: TikTok/@itsjenwarnes
She was a big fan of this bikini and amazed by how well it fit her chestCredit: TikTok/@itsjenwarnes

Jennifer Warnes noted on TikTok that it's difficult to find swimsuits that work well on a small frame with a large cup size.

But when she tried on the Always Fits Twisted Top, $59, she was "very impressed," saying it "looks really good."

"I'm surprised with how well it fits and how well it stretches across my chest because this was one of the smaller sizes," she said.

Though the band isn't adjustable, it was still tight enough for her.

In fact, she said she loves the style so much that she wants to buy it in other colors, and only wishes the bottoms were double-lined like the top.

Next, Jennifer tried the Always Fits One Shoulder Top, $55, which also covered her whole chest.

"But because it's stretching over my chest, it's very see-through. So this one is not gonna work at all," she said.

The Always Fits Scoop Top, $55, was also see-through: "You can see things you might not necessarily want to show when you're at the pool."

She also found it a bit too big in the band and just barely big enough in the cup to cover her chest.

In another video, Jennifer tried on one-pieces from the brand.

"I actually don't own any one-pieces myself because I never found any that fit tight enough around the waist and the rest of the body but have enough room in the cups to fit a large chest size," she admitted.

She found that to be true with the Always Fits One-Piece, $89, which covered her chest and felt comfortable but clung to her breasts and went straight down, rather than tightly hugging beneath her breasts and down her torso.

She was less impressed with the other bikinis she tried on, and said this one didn't fit wellCredit: TikTok/@itsjenwarnes
Her favorite one-piece was this monikini, which covered her well. However, she did wish it was double-linedCredit: TikTok/@itsjenwarnes

"I would want it to be a bit more form-fitting," she said, noting that the stomach and back were too baggy.

She also didn't like that it was only single-lined.

"When you stretch it ... it's kind of see-through," she said.

The white Always Fits One Shoulder One-Piece, $95, was double-lined, though, and not see-through.

"This one feels like much better quality," she said, but once she tried it on, she found that it was "suffocating" her.

Jennifer didn't like the fit of this one-piece, which managed to stretch over her chest but was too big in the torsoCredit: TikTok/@itsjenwarnes
While this white one-piece was double-lined and not see-through, she felt like it was 'suffocating' herCredit: TikTok/@itsjenwarnes

"It's definitely pulled me in a lot more, so you can definitely see the shape of my body. It doesn't have that bagginess around the back or around the waist. This is fitting right to the shape of my waist.

"But then on my chest, it's really squishing me in," she said. "It looks nice, but it's not comfy."

Finally, the Always Fits Monokini One-Piece, $99, was the "best fitting" of the bunch.

"I really surprised that it's sort of fully covered my whole chest area. You could even position yourself if you wanted a little bit of underboob," she said.

"But we do still have the issue where it's quite thin so it is a little bit see-through.

"I want this cut but double-lined so it's not see-through, so I don't have to worry about when I get in the pool and it's gonna be wet, that everything is gonna be on show," she concluded.