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THE original wife of a man who went onto have nine marriages has admitted the set-up made her feel uncomfortable, as he had "no time" for her.

Arthur O Urso, from São Paulo, Brazil, hit headlines when he revealed his controversial marriage - where he is the sole husband of nine women.

Luana Kazaki, 26, went from being husband Arthur's only wife seven years ago to one of NINECredit: Jam Press
She admits it made her feel 'uncomfortable' at first as Arthur had 'no time' for herCredit: Jam Press

The model's dream was rocked recently when one of his many wives called time on their romance - stating she wanted him all to herself.

While he’s still happily married to his eight wives and plans to have kids with each one of them, the polygamy-enthusiast once only had eyes for one woman.

Luana Kazaki, 26, bonded with her husband over their love of swinging and the couple tied the knot in the French town, Cap D’Agde – while completely nude.

Although she doesn’t plan on having any other husbands, she claims to feel “accomplished” with their marriage and finds a “fetish” in their bizarre situation.

“For six long years, I was the only one who interacted with other people and Arthur just watched – it’s always been a part of us, both his and mine fetish,” Luana reveals in an exclusive chat.

“After all these years, I felt we should bring other people into the relationship and having several women seemed innovative, as well as [satisfying] our curiosity.

“Besides that, it would fulfil a dream of Arthur’s which he’s had since [being a teenager] and I actually feel accomplished.”

Luana says the experience of being with more than one person has taught them both valuable life lessons - but it hasn't always been easy.

She says: “[I’ve learned] to be more patient, as well as knowing how to live with several different minds.

“It’s very challenging, but it’s improved our characteristics and there’s an ease in solving problems now – but with more intensity.

“Today I can say that I feel comfortable having Arthur's attention shared with the other wives.

"But a few months ago, when Arthur had no experience, I felt uncomfortable because there was no time for me.

“It was understandable because it was all very new in our lives. I had to be patient until he gained experience in the relationship and that's what happened.

But Luana says it works great now as the women are all friendsCredit: Jam Press
Arthur has a 'first come first served' sex scheduleCredit: Jam Press

“Gradually he was solving the problems and adjusting the details. Now everything is perfect. I don't feel less important or less loved, especially because Arthur and I have been together for seven years.

“We live together in all kinds of situations, both days of struggles and glories. Our story is beautiful.

“We always try to support each other, respect one another and maintain good co-existence to make everything perfect.

“I don’t regret having opened this relationship, on the contrary, I think new experiences are always welcome – good or bad.

“It’s all so crazy as every day is different and there’s challenges, as well as surprises. We have a lot to still experience in this madness of love.”

I felt uncomfortable because there was no time for me

Luana Kazaki26

The OnlyFans model claims that their venture happened naturally, with their second and third wives following suit almost instantly.

Now seven women later, the couple are content with their situation – but ultimately plan to reach 10 wives.

As the women in Arthur’s life are all friends, their situation is a breeze - but not everyone outside the marriage understands.

Luana added: “My family are calm about our lifestyle because they knew from the beginning we wanted to live like this.

“At first it was difficult, especially because my mum is jealous of Arthur and her wish was that it would be just the two of us.

“In their view, what matters is that we’re happy and if we are, they are too.

“We’ve had several types of reactions from people when they see us all together, especially as it’s rare to see a threesome in Brazil.

“We are faced with looks, shouts, compliments, requests to take pictures – you name it.

“Many mention religion, saying it’s not in the eyes of God and that it’s a sin – we receive a judgemental message every 30 seconds online.

Luana says her role as Arthur's 'official wife' means the later members have to seek her approvalCredit: Jam Press
Luana says she's happy with just the one husband - while Arthur wants TEN wivesCredit: Jam Press

“However, I’m friends [with Arthur's wives] and there is a greater respect as I am the ‘official’ wife.

“In a way, you’ve got to have a great relationship with me, otherwise there will be disapproval.

“I don’t intend on having more husbands, as mine is already great – but I never say never, because I am an unpredictable person.”

Now, in a bid to “celebrate free love” the collective is planning on expanding their family and while Arthur used to have a “sex schedule”, he’s put this to one side.

Instead, he’s sticking to a “first come, first served” basis.

“I don’t have a favourite wife for this to happen, we’re letting it happen naturally,” he previously said.

“The love I feel for each of them is the same. I think it would be unfair to only have children with one of them.”