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IF you’re a big fan of Dairy Queen, you’ll love this food hack that is just as sweet as the desserts.

A YouTuber known as The Deal Guy revealed how you can save some money when ordering at the restaurant chain.

A YouTuber has revealed how to save $2 and get a free Dilly Bar at Dairy QueenCredit: Getty

What you might not know is that the burger portion in the kid's meal is the exact same size as what you’ll find in the adult meal.

But there’s another secret that will save some cash and even earn you a free Dilly Bar.

The Deal Guy suggests ordering a cheeseburger kid's meal and asking for a soda instead of the milk or bottled water, for a cost of $5.39 before taxes.

“You get a full-size burger, fries, a smaller drink, which you could always refill, and a Dilly Bar,” the content creator said.

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He compares the kid's meal to the adult meal in the video, showing that the burger sizes are identical despite the adult meal being $2 more expensive.

“Even the French fry portion is comparable,” he said.

He shared several hacks that can be used at other restaurants, including Burger King.

If you don’t want to have to choose between onion rings or fries, the Deal Guy suggests having both.

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“Just ask for half and half, sometimes dubbed Frings,” he said.

“Most store associates or drive-thru employees will be happy to give you half and half for no additional fees.”

He even tests out this hack at his local Burger King, ordering medium fries and asking the workers to fill it half with fries and the other half with onion rings.

“The person taking my order wasn’t the least bit bothered and I got the benefit of not having to decide between fries and onion rings.”

If you order a kid's meal and get a soda instead of milk or water, you'll be given a free Dilly BarCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty