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BAGELS are the perfect morning meal, although not all are worth the money, so we tested five store-bought bagels to see which is the best bang for your buck.

There’s nothing like a morning stroll to your favorite shop and grabbing a perfectly toasted, flavor-packed bagel with your choice of cream cheese and toppings.

Each bagel was lightly toasted with scallion cream cheeseCredit: Aurielle Weiss
The bagels were judged based on three factors

However, when you’re in a rush, store-bought will have to suffice and they usually save you money too.

In the latest installment of our Bang for your Buck series, The U.S. Sun reviewed five bagels from major grocery stores including Walmart, Costco, and Trader Joe’s to find out which is worth the hype.

We were originally looking to grab the Walmart Great Value brand and the Target brand Favorite Day, but after driving around aimlessly to multiple stores, both retailers were out so we had to substitute.

We specifically chose everything bagels and judged based on appearance, value for money, and of course taste.

The store-bought bagels are Thomas, Sara Lee, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Einstein Bros. Bagels from Walmart.

We gave each category a score of one to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Just note that prices may vary based on store and location.

We like ours lightly toasted with scallion cream cheese so that’s what we used. 

Below are the results, starting with the best.

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels 

Einstein Bros. Bagels started selling at Walmart in January of this year
  • Price: $4.48
  • Weight: 525g
  • Total score: 29

These bagels were great. They come with five per pack and were soft and chewy.

The package said these bagels are ready to cook in just seven minutes and I found that to be pretty accurate.

When I eat an everything bagel I look for the perfect amount of seasoning but still a great flavor in the actual bagel itself and this one had both. 

The entire bagel, front and back, was crammed with so much seasoning that it would stick to my fingers with each bite.

This one also comes with a blend of parmesan, romano, and asiago cheese for even more flavor. 

If I had to choose something to get picky about, I would say that I wish the bagel was just a bit larger but overall it was the winner.

2. Costco 

Costco bagels must be purchased by the dozen
  • Price: $7.99
  • Weight: 678g
  • Total score: 27

Costco came in a very close second as you just cannot beat the value for your money.

For 12 bagels, Costco charges just $7.99 and packs each bagel with tons of seasoning.

Each bagel is water boiled and does have a great balance of chewy and crispy.

Another factor that played into such a high score is that Costco allows shoppers to mix and match.

Since you must buy a dozen, you can grab everything, plain, cinnamon, and any other flavors from that store.

Altogether, these bagels had a great flavor, a great amount of filling and were worth the money.

3. Thomas’

Thomas' Bagels come in over 10 flavors
  • Price: $3.99
  • Weight: 567g
  • Total score: 26

I've had this before as it is extremely popular and I actually thought I was going to choose them for the winner.

I was surprised by how little seasoning the bagel had.

Now, I could have just picked one with less on it but it really was quite bare.

Other than that, the flavor of the bagel did not compare to the bolder Einstein Bros. or Costco.

This six-pack comes pre-sliced which is very convenient, especially since there is so much seasoning.

It didn't make the bottom of the list as the bagel was quite soft and fluffy.

4. Sara Lee

Sara Lee partners with Bimbo Bakeries USA and is committed to sustainability
  • Price: $2.99
  • Weight: 567g
  • Total score: 25

The Sara Lee brand scored big points with its size.

These bagels are huge, hence the name deluxe on the packaging.

On the one hand, the bagels are quite soft and doughy on the other, there wasn't too much flavor.

As mentioned in the video, I like a more garlic flavor in the seasoning and while this one has some, it didn't have much.

One plus was the price, but again, you get what you pay for.

5. Trader Joe's

There are about 558 trader Joe's all across America
  • Price: $2.29
  • Weight: 510g
  • Total score: 24

I was shocked at the ranking of this brand.

I've heard amazing things from these bagels, especially after the seasoning became its own product.

I wanted to love it so badly but I really didn't get much seasoning on the one I had.

I will say that the flavor of the bagel was great but it didn't have what I was looking for which is the seasoning, or even the size.

Each bagel is not as large as the rest which isn't bad but definitely noticeable.

Overall, I would say it's worth one more try as I may have got a bad batch.

Plus, the price is great for a pack of six bagels, it's only $2.29.

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