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I’m a Costco superfan – the best fall deals including $15 off a popular item aren’t where you would think to look

FALL is here and one Costco superfan believes the best deals of the season aren't in the places where you would think to look.

Sonya Heath is an empty nester on TikTok who shares her life on the platform with her over 112,000 followers.

A Costco superfan shared some of her favorite deals that she found while shopping at CostcoCredit: Getty

Much of her content is about deals that she finds while shopping at Costco.

In a recent clip, Sonya shared some of her favorite deals just in time for fall.

"This week at Costco there were so many great deals," said Sonya in the 30-second clip.

Some items included Kozyshack rice pudding for $4.99 a box and Hampton House chicken parmesan for $11.99.

One surprise was gorgeous chrysanthemums for $14.99 a pot.

"These massive mums were only $14.99 and look at the flowers, I can't wait until they bloom," she said.

A pack of Burt's Bees lip balm was $21.99 and a Disney Corelle set for $15 off was "a real steal," according to Sonya.

She finishes her shopping trip with some snacks and items for a charcuterie board, which she says she loves to put together for this time of year.

"I love the planters each season!" Sonya wrote in the video's caption.

"They're always some of my favorite Costco deals!"

The video got a few thousand views and a few comments.

"Love the flowers!" wrote one viewer.

Sonya responded: "Me too! And the price was right!! They're massive!!"

Meanwhile, Costco fans are thrilled over the return of a much-loved fan favorite this fall - and it's nothing to do with pumpkin spice.

Also, The U.S. Sun tried five store-bought bagels, including Costco's and Trader Joe's, and the winner was a close call.

One deal she found was a 12-pack of rice pudding cups for $4.99Credit: TikTok