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Prince Philip’s passing was ‘catalyst’ for Queen’s death & ‘undoubtedly’ sped up her passing, ex royal aide claims

THE Queen's heartbreak at the loss of her beloved husband was a key factor in her passing, an ex-royal aide has exclusively claimed in an interview with The U.S. Sun.

The death of Prince Phillip 17 months ago was the "catalyst" for her health to diminish and for her to take a step back from public duties as her energy levels sank.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their Diamond Wedding Anniversary
Members of the public file past the Queen's coffin draped in the Royal Standard

That is the insight from Royal insider and Princess Diana's former voice coach Stewart Pearce, who retains bonds with members of the Royal staff and courtiers.

Respected author and speaker Pearce feels "undoubtedly" that Her Majesty died of a broken heart after having her beloved husband by her side for work and duties as her rock behind closed doors.

Pearce believes the couple's "extraordinary bond" was kept alive through humor as they balanced royal life and raising family, often surrounded by controversy and scandal.

In an exclusive chat, he told The U.S. Sun: "I believe that the death of Phillip was a major catalyst in the eventual passing of Queen Elizabeth. Absolutely. Undoubtedly. He was her rock, stay and support.

"It is interesting she has decided to go seventeen months after his passing. She became more and more frail. It was almost as though the central sun of her universe had been taken away. And she was no longer prepared to go on living."

Pearce says The Queen became overwhelmed with grief following the funeral of Phillip in April 2021.

"She began to see the extraordinary nature of his relationship energetically in the context of her role as monarch," he said. "And the life fore almost left her.

"It is why she strategically changed a lot of her engagements and moved to a very contemplative, quiet and solitary existence, which I feel has just led her all the way through to the point of her death.

"It was a gradual dwindling of her life force, which is extraordinary for someone who was so robust all the way through her life and full of the conviction of her role in service and duty.

"She was a symbol for not just the nation, but the Commonwealth and the world."


He added that Her Majesty kept Phillip close during her last engagements.

"It is interesting the deer stalker cane she carried, she hardly ever used. It was his cane. It was her metaphoric representation as well as it being utilitarian.

"She never really used it to put her weight into it in the way that a senior citizen would actually use a stick. But it was just there representing his presence."

Pearce, who worked with Princess Diana perfecting her voice, poise and expression in her last two years alive, has maintained links to associates and members of the Royal household and family.

He added of The Duke Of Edinburgh's importance in Queen Elizabeth II's life.

"It was an extraordinary bond and on reflection it was really based on the early years of determining what the two of them could be.

"Obviously there was immense love but of course as we all know as we mature love changes. It is a dynamic energy that has its own evolutionary capacity. The question is how do we dedicate ourselves to it?

"There was this magnetic force of love between the two of them, which was kindled by loving the absurd. They were always laughing. But at the same time it seems the dynamic mechanisms that they intelligently brought about were elements of compromise and tolerance."


Pearce insists that reports of "angst" from Megxit - when Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals and moved to the Los Angeles, 'is simply not apparent' when it comes to The Queen's stress levels.

"When Harry made the announcement of wishing to free himself from the Royal family, The Queen was absolutely in acceptance of this, and engaged him in conversations about the best way that this could be strategically brought about 

"But that conversation didn't start during the debacle that took place, from the British press' point of view. That conversation took place when Harry first introduced the idea of Meghan to the Royal family. The strategy was of course negotiated and discussed."

Pearce, who has just released a commemorative version of his best selling book, Diana: Voice Of Change, says insiders told him The Queen openly discussed Harry's options and even what to do should the relationship not "work out".

Pearce added that The Queen did not pay too much attention to the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex's accusation packed attack on the Royal Family during their 2021 TV interview with Oprah Winfrey

He added that US reports alleged that Meghan was secretly claiming The Queen made racially charged comments about the color of Archie's skin were untrue.

"The Queen is not a racist. I don't think she would have existed as the head of The Commonwealth for the last seventy odd years."

Stewart Pearce was Princess Diana's voice coach before her tragic death
The Queen was married to the Duke of Edinburgh for just over 73 years
The couple pictured in July 1947 shortly after they announced their engagement